Desire System Review: Can You Really Turn A Woman On So Easily?

What Is The Desire System By Dr. David Tian (Tan)?

The Desire System by Dr. David (the Asian Rake) gives you high definition access to a closed-door seminar (4 videos, audio, and written transcripts) taught at the Aura Dating Academy which reveals a step-by-step system for lightning fast seduction based around the concept of "emotional contagion".

Using these techniques you will develop the uncanny ability to turn a woman on and make her horny for you...on command.

Does The Desire System Really Work And Can I Really Make A Girl Horny On Command?

"On command" is an important selling point of Dr. David's Desire System, but the term shouldn't be misconstrued.

It's not like you just walk up to a woman, say a couple of "magic" words, and suddenly she's ripping her clothes off and getting naked right in front of you (we can all dream, right?). The emotional contagion concept that Dr. T. teaches is based on actual scientific research that makes it possible for you to make your emotions contagious to her, much like how a yawn by someone in a room can be contagious and can cause everyone else in the room to also yawn.

By using the Desire System techniques, you can make a woman feel what you feel. Be it attraction, desire, love, or in the case of turning her on, horniness. So if you're feeling turned on, you can make her also feel turned on which is what gives you the ability to do it "on command".

Sounds crazy, I know. Maybe even ridiculous, but it's been demonstrated again and again in actual scientific studies by top minds at places like Harvard, so that's pretty damn cool when you know how it works and can use it to your advantage.

How Hard Is This Stuff? Any Drawbacks?

While the Desire System is quite simple to implement, I found you won't master everything right from the get go. Like anything, the ability to turn a woman on is something some guys do more naturally than others, but a skill that can be learned, practiced, and perfected. Women absolutely LOVE men who know how to do this because it's extremely pleasurable for them as well, so it's totally worth it to learn even if you aren't Don Juan right from the get-go.

If you've ever invested in any pick up artist (PUA) programs, I think you'll find the techniques in the Desire System much easier to implement because they don't require you to have "10 tons of courage" before trying them out on a woman.

Some of the PUA stuff in other programs works great, but can be pretty tough to implement if you aren't already super confident with approaching and talking to women. The average, every day guy is going to fair much better with Dr. David's techniques which follow the anti-PUA stance made popular in other products like The Girlfriend Activation System. It's not just about "picking up" women, but about showing them great respect, building a true and meaningful emotional connection, and becoming a better man who is not only successful with women, but also in all aspects of his life.

The program isn't perfect and not everyone will be a fan of the "seminar style" teaching which could probably benefit from being broken down into smaller chunks, but with a unique offering I haven't seen anywhere else, very reasonable pricing, a full 365-day money back guarantee, an amazing support forum, and 7 incredible bonuses to enhance all areas of your dating repertoire (that are actually worthwhile and not just a bunch of filler junk to make the program look better than it really is), I can think of few reasons not to try it.

If using the techniques from the Desire System doesn't lead to more hot women chasing after you, or if you find that you just aren't able to successfully implement them for whatever reason, ask for your money back. No harm. No foul.

Is The Desire System Right For You?

If you want to attract more women and make them feel a strong desire to sleep with you rather than always seeing you as their next "best friend", then the Desire System is for you.

Investing in the Desire System gives you access to the breakthrough science of Dr. David, a true master of seduction, and is sure to give you much more "game" with women than you have right now. It's powerful stuff and should not be used by guys who have a hidden agenda to harm women in any way.

Where To Learn More

Please feel free to explore the rest of this Desire System review and buyer's guide to learn more about the program or click here to go directly to the official website and watch Dr. David T.'s video that explains how emotional contagion can make you the object of any woman's horny desire.

Desire System Review by Kelley Fox