Although it never feels like it at the time, a breakup doesn’t have to be forever according to Michael Fiore (, relationship expert and author of Text Your Ex Back. In the opening of his best-selling “get your ex back” system, Michael says…

”OK, deep breath.

If you’re reading this guide, you’re probably hurting right now. Heck, you probably feel like your heart got ripped out and stomped on, and that the pain you’re feeling will never go away.

The good news is that I’m here to help, just like I’ve helped hundreds of people before you.”

Michael Fiore is extremely successful at helping couples reunite after breakups, and he does it using a method few relationship experts dare touch…that of text messaging. I want to take you inside Mike’s system and share with you some of the reasons why using your cell phone to tap out a few simple text messages can have a dramatic impact on your relationship.

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Texting isn’t for everyone, but I hope after reading this review, you’ll have a good understanding of why and how it works to get your ex back, and whether or not it could be a good fit for your own relationship. You can also get more information in the Text Your Ex Back review found here:

”I love texting, but how exactly does this work?”

First things first. The Text Your Ex Back Michael Fiore system isn't a top secret list of “magical texts” that is kept under lock and key and protected by some sort of sacred pact amongst ancient tribes of ninja monks. Yes, that would be hella cool, but I’m pretty sure we both know “magic bullet texts” that instantly save your relationship and erase all of your relationship problems overnight don’t exist.

If all you want is a list of text messages you can blast out to your ex without any rhyme or reason, then you’re going to be disappointed by the results. Michael Fiore provides a ton of example texts inside his Text Your Ex Back program. In fact, there’s even a bonus PDF that contains 100 done for you texts.

However, the actual words you type mean very little if you don’t use them in the right way, at the right time, and in combination with other texts that are each designed with a specific goal in mind. The same text that can "seal the deal" and bring your ex back to you can also make your ex run for the hills if you send it right off the bat when your ex isn't ready to receive it.

If you've already tried texting your ex and aren't getting much of a response (or no response at all), then you're probably making some of these mistakes. I've had it happen plenty of times and it's not fun.

It’s Mike’s texting system and not the individual texts themselves that make his methods so powerful.

It’s impossible for Michael to write out example texts for every single person going through the program, so you’ll get the best results by understanding the concepts behind his texts and then adapting those to your own relationship.

Text Your Ex Back by Michael Fiore is more than just a PDF ebook that you can download and read on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or other device. It’s a multimedia training center consisting of 11 modules that each have video, audio, and PDF content files associated with them.

Everything is accessible online through a private member’s area. This makes it extremely easy and convenient to access all the training from any device with internet access. I’m a laptop guy, but I’ve also had no problems accessing the information from my iPhone and iPad.

”What will I learn inside the guide?”

The first thing Mike is going to teach you is how to determine exactly what went wrong in your relationship and why it’s important to break off all contact with your ex for a few weeks immediately following the breakup.

Most people aren’t 100% honest when they break up with you. I wish that wasn’t the case, but they usually want to spare your feelings. Thus, the reasons your ex gave for breaking up with you may not be the REAL reasons they broke up with you.

Michael teaches you how to sort it all out to get to the truth. In fact, you might even be surprised when you hear Michael say the exact words that came out of your ex’s mouth. He’ll tell you what they really mean since it’s probably confusing as hell right now.

Either you got dumped, or you did the dumping. Regardless, you need to be completely HONEST with yourself about why the breakup occurred. Michael Fiore says…

”If you lie to yourself about why you and your ex REALLY broke up, or what you really want the Text Your Ex Back program to do for you, you’re going to be very disappointed when you pull the texting trigger.

Honesty can be painful. Facing the real reasons for your breakup can be more painful than the breakup itself. Admitting you played a part in the breakup? Ouch. This is tough stuff. Face it now–or put this book down before you hurt yourself. Got it? Good.”

Once you know why the relationship ended, the next step is figuring out why you want to get back together and exactly what you want from the relationship moving forward. Mike calls this the “big goal”. He then explains the baby steps you can take to get there.

From here Michael lays out the gameplan and gives you a few rules you need to follow with your texting. He also introduces you to the concept of “text judo” which is the cornerstone of his system.

Put simply, text judo is…

“...the art of using your ex’s existing emotions–positive or negative–to get the positive result you want.”

What this basically means is even if your ex is extremely pissed off right now and would rather throw you under a bus than talk to you, Mike teaches you how to turn these negative emotions into positive ones and how to use them to your advantage to get back together. I recommend taking time to really understand this concept before you send out your first texts.

As I mentioned earlier, Mike’s system is much more than just a big list of text messages. Maybe you’ve noticed that we haven’t even talked about actual text messages yet. There’s a reason for that.

The prep work is important. Skip it and your text messages will probably get the same negative or non-response they are getting now.

”What are the text messages Michael Fiore teaches inside the Text Your Ex Back guide?”

If you’ve made it this far in this Text Your Ex Back review, then it’s time to move on to the fun stuff…the actual text messages themselves.

If you prefer to watch rather than read, this video does a good job of explaining many of the different kinds of texts found in the program.

The first text Michael Fiore teaches you is called an across the bow text. These texts are used for opening the lines of communication with your ex and they set the tone for conversations to come. Mike teaches you how to G.E.A.R. up the conversation which stands for gently establish affirmative rapport.

He also warns you about using what he calls “nothing texts”. Here’s a popular video from YouTube with over 94,000 views that does a good job explaining 3 types of dangerous texts you should avoid.

Once you’ve established contact again, Mike shows you how to use best of the relationship and intimacy booster texts to re-engage your ex in positive communication so they start thinking about you in a positive way. This is where more text judo comes into play as you use emotional language to help your ex remember and relive the best memories and experiences from your past relationship.

Intimacy boosters help seal the connection by making your ex yearn for the closeness the two of you once shared. According to Mike, an intimacy booster text…

”…uses the power of memory recall to bring up strong, positive, almost irresistible emotions in your ex.”

As you re-establish the connection with best of the relationship and intimacy booster texts, Michael also teaches you about his green eyed monster text. He’s not talking about the Incredible Hulk (although you could probably use him to scare your ex into getting back together). The green eyed monster text is a text that uses positive jealousy to your advantage.

There are few emotions as strong and powerful as jealousy. Mike shows you how to use “social proof” in your texts to use jealousy in a way that creates even more connection. Just make sure you follow Mike’s advice and take a subtle approach. Like he says…

”You want to give the GEM a little bit of chain. . . not throw it out there like King Kong to wreak serious havoc.”

In the next part of the Text Your Ex Back program, Mike teaches you how to establish deep emotional connection using what he calls emotional honesty texts. The other texting formulas will eventually lead you to this point if you do them correctly.

I love Michael’s explanation of why you should never use emotional honesty texts right out of the gate…

“WARNING: Never lead with Emotional Honesty texts. It’s like putting peanut butter on the outside of your sandwich–things get messy fast. You have to start with more innocuous, communication-opening texts.”

Next, Michael takes you through attraction texts and shows you how to get your ex “excited” so you can get into their emotional brain and bring them even closer to you. This is where he teaches you about things like curiosity texts and the sexy story text.

Lastly, Mike takes you through the process of how to take your relationship from the virtual (e.g. texting) to the physical (actually meeting up and going on a date) and how to continue building attraction after you get together for the first time after the breakup.

He has a whole slew of sneaky texts for this including…

  • Nice time texts
  • Sensory expander texts
  • Favorite part texts
  • The tag along text

All in all, the Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back PDF and multimedia training system takes you through each step of re-establishing a connection with your ex through text messages. You’ll learn how to properly start the conversation, how to establish positive thoughts and memories, how to build intimacy and attraction, and how to strengthen the emotional connection that will bring your ex back to you.

”Does Text Your Ex Back work and will I get any help along the way?”

One of my favorite parts about Mike’s system is that you aren’t left alone to fend for yourself. You can get as much help as you need along the way.

Inside the member’s area, you’ll find social features that allow you to interact with other member’s going through the program and with Michael Fiore and his staff. It functions much like a Facebook wall where you can follow people, ask questions, leave comments, and get whatever help you need. It’s an extremely supportive community which I think is another big reason the program has been so successful.

I’ll leave you with this video that provides insight into what actual Text Your Ex Back users are saying about the program.

I wish I could GUARANTEE it will work for you, but I can’t. Nor can Michael Fiore or anyone else. Honestly, I’m getting tired of programs that make promises they can’t keep, and I’m glad Text Your Ex Back isn’t one of them.

In fact, right inside the program, Mike says…

” Am I GUARANTEEING that you’ll be able to get your ex back using this guide? Nope. It’s totally possible that after reading through this material and starting to put it into action you’ll decide you don’t WANT to be with your ex anymore, and that the sneaky tricks and relationship hacks I teach you here will be better used with someone else in the future.

But what I WILL guarantee is that after you go through this training you’ll have a deeper understanding of why your relationship ended, how the romantic and sexual mind of your ex actually works, and how you can consciously create the relationship you’ve always dreamt of by “tuning” the way you think about love, sex, and romance, all while tapping out a few simple messages with your thumbs.”

I know it has worked for a lot of different people and I think it’s worth a shot if getting your ex back is something you truly want.

Where Can I Learn More?

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